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N°1 Colostrum PRO

N°1 Colostrum PRO

Don’t let diseases foil your plans! Strenghten your resistance.

  • support of resistance – fight bacteria, viruses and fungi attacking your health
  • colostrum picked up in first 4 hours after birth – to obtain the biggest possibile number of beneficial substances
  • advanced technology of lyophilisation – for the preservation of full bioactivity
Strenghten your resistance!

Unforseen ailments can really make your holiday, family ceremonies, work or even live unsatisfactory. Not to mention symptoms – bad cough or running nose (when you get ill). You can protect yourself. The only thing you have to do is to make your immune system effective.

First milk (well-known as a colostrum, called also beestings) is first food for every mammal. It contains ingredients which has beneficial impact on our resistance. It is proved that every child just after birth, when the immune system is not fully developed, has to face billions kind of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that it has not met in mother’s womb. The most effective protection from all them is colostrum. These properties of first milk are used in N°1 Colostrum PRO!

N°1 Colostrum PRO is a preparation that contains even 800 miligrams of bovine colostrum in a daily intake. Every capsule is composed of 40% IgG (immunoglobulin) standardized colostrum.

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Bovine colostrum contains all immunity and growth factors that can be found in other mammals. As a result, it can be applied by humans. Bovine colostrum is composed of:

  • immunoglobulins – strenghten resistance. Neutralize bacteria and acids
  • lactoferrin – has antibacterial property
  • leukocytes – white blood cells, reduce growth of viruses
  • lysozyme – a protein having antibacterial property
  • lactoperoxidase – a bactericidal factor
  • growth factor – slow down the ageing process

These substances are resposnible for antibacterial, antivirals and antifungal action of the preparation.

   Strenghten your resistance

Lactose intolerance?
Don’t worry, you can use
N°1 Colostrum PRO! The earlier, the better!

The earlier first milk is picked up, the more beneficial substancesc it contains. Beestings in N°1 Colostrum PRO is picked up in 4 hours after birth. That is why it is composed of big number of resistance and growth factors. Advanced technology of lyophilisation used in N°1 Colostrum Pro preserves full bioactivity and it has all properties of fresh substance.


Not only resistance!

Colostrum not only supports resistance. It also takes care of your skin, for example by reducing seborrhea. Moreover, it prevents blackheads, skin inflammation and slow down ageing processs. Additionally, bovine colostrum contains carbohydrates, fats and B, A, D, E vitamins.
Growth factors influence fat burning and help to maintain healthy weight.

Does health have its price?

In Lab One, we attach great importance to components and a production process. Our products are of the best quality, it increases its value and guarantees your’s satisfaction. Ordering our preparations, you can be certain that you will receive exactly what you expects. Trust only proven and right solutions.
Bella Wozniak, nutritionist with 15-years-proffesional experience
  Bella Wozniak, nutritionist with 15-years-proffesional experience
„Colostrum is the most valuable thing that mother can give her child. It contains all necessary substances responsible for growth and resistance. A newborn child is vulnerable to attack of microorganisms, but the first milk protects it. Adults as well may use bovine colostrum properties to support thier resistance.I would strongly urge to do so!”
Marius, 32 years old
  Marius, 32 years old
„Two of the last holidays were horrible because of diseases. Two years ago I had a feler and I had to resign from a trip. Last year I got ill during mountain holidays. Instead of hiking I lay in a bed and watched TV. My wife was grounded. Straight after homecoming, I started to read about strenghtening of my body. There were a lot of  information about properties of bovine colostrum so I choose the product which contains it in great numbers - Colostrum PRO. I use it regularly and I must admit that the change is appreciable. All the ailment went away. I feel good even if I become a little bit cold or get wet. Sneezing and coughing people at work have no effect on me. The most important thing is that I have absolutely no problem with infections. I am sure that next holiday will be perfect.”
Kate, 26 years old
  Kate, 26 years old
„I was a child and I got ill very often. I got cold even 4 or 5 times during a year. With the age it did not get any better. I often missek classes during my school, the study year. Finally, when I went to work I can not afford any health problems. I had to strenghten my immune system quite fast. My friend, who was studying pharmacy at that time, told me about first milk and its antibodies and properties of resistance. Using Colostrum I feel that I strenghten my resistance. I apply it for more than year, without any problem or sick leave. It is like it should be! I recommend it for everyone!”
Agnes, 22 years old
  Agnes, 22 years old
„I could not get rid of troublesome acne even when I used the best preparations. Because of that I stopped hanging out with my friends. To be honest, I lost all hope and I thought that there was no solution suitable for me. I was looking for any new information and eventually I found an article about colostrum, about it’s extensive action and that it may be a remedy for acne. I have been applying colostrum for 2 monts and I have to say I am satisfied! Smaller spots have disappeared, bigger ones have started to do so. Until recently, I started to use LabOne CleanSkin 1 and 2 as well. I am looking forward to the visible results of these preparations!”
  Strenghten your resistance  

Frequently asked questions

1. What is N°1 Colostrum PRO?
N°1 Colostrum PRO is a dietary supplement cotains 800 mg of 40% IgG (immunoglobulin) standardized bovine colostrum. It is a preparation for people who want to strenghten their resistance.
2. What is the composition of N°1 Colostrum PRO?
It is composed of: 40% IgG B Colostrum, capsule - Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids, silicon dioxide; pigment – titanium oxide, iron oxides and hydroxides.
3. Who can use N°1 Colostrum PRO?
N°1 Colostrum PRO is designed for you, if you often get infections, feel fatigue or overtiredness, are under excessive stress or just want to strenghten your immune system.
4. How to use N°1 Colostrum PRO?
Recommended daily intake – 2 capsules daily – in the morning with water. You should not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is recommended for perfect health.



Carefully selected components guarantee a high level of assimilability and bioavailability of nutrients. Supplements are produced in compliance with general and detailed rules on good manufacturing practice (GMP), ISO and HCCP which is a symbol of safety and the highest quality.

  I want to strenghten my resistance!